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What sets Core Chem apart from other supplements?

- All of our ingredients come from the USA and are quad-tested to insure purity and quality

- We do not use fillers, binders, artificial sweeteners/flavor/coloring GUARANTEED!

- We care so much we even use biodegradable bottles for all of our supplements.  Why not take care of the planet the way we take care of our bodies?  Plus, the glass bottles protect the purity of the ingredients to ensure the quality of our products.

Why is purity important?

Supplements work only because of the active ingredients in them. Almost all of the supplements on the market are laden with inactive ingredients: fillers, binders, anti-cracking agents, lubricants, coating agents, disintergrants, preservatives, coloring agents, flavoring agents…PROFIT MARGINS! More of these excipients means cheaper products. Half of what people think they are paying for is just inactive materials.

Our decision to completely avoid additives underlines our deep commitment to put product purity above cost savings and manufacturing convenience.  We only use fresh unadulterated herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. We are committed to creating supplements that have a high efficacy rate without all the fillers-even if the FDA deems them safe in small doses.

These fillers can have an accumulative effect on the body and are hard to filter out.

Why work so hard on building the Optimum physique only to fill our bodies with metals, chemicals, and artificial particles? 

What are fillers and why are they bad?

Americans are gulping down the vitamins but our health remains in a crisis mode. Some of these vitamins may not be the answer to our health problems and maybe some of these vitamins are actually contributing to our state of declining health.

Supplement manufacturers often add in a variety of fillers to their vitamin and mineral supplements for numerous reasons:


  1. Easier and faster production

  2. More appealing to the eye(colorants)

  3. Easier to swallow (coatings)

These reasons for using fillers aside, the real problem lies in how these fillers impact your body and health.  Simply put, it’s not good. Any supplement that has additives and fillers will be harmful to your health in the same way those processed foods are.

The body doesn’t need or want these ingredients so don’t put them in there. They also block the absorption of nutrients.  Kind of counter intuitive, don’t you think?

Why are USA ingredients so important?

The FDA looks at supplements like foods. Nutritional companies are really not required to put in their tablets what they say is on their label. The quality of products that is placed in most supplements is of inferior quality and their manufacturing processes are generally suspect.  China supplies 99% of the industries supplements products.  These products have been known to have metals, fillers and arsenic show up in analysis testing.  Not only that, allergens are more likely to appear with products that aren’t from known soil.

*Support the US Economy, avoid allergies, keep the impurities out and get your money’s worth.

Why BCAA infused condiments?

BCAA’s are the three essential amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine. They get their name from their chemical structuring, which looks like a branch when inspecting them on the chemical level. Many people use BCAAs for a myriad of workout regiments, not just for building or repairing muscle. Their daily use when coupled with exercise could very well mean the difference in making or not making your fitness goals.


It is true that BCAAs help support muscle growth, many studies of indicated that lifters who trained while taking BCAA supplements during their workouts gained about twice as much strength and overall muscle as those who didn’t supplement with BCAA. However, upon further study, it seems that BCAAs have a rather expanded use in the athletic world, making them an even more essential supplement to add to your daily regimen.

Typically, when amino acids are ingested, whether its protein or individually, they first have to travel to the liver, where they are broken down to use as fuel or directed towards rebuilding muscle and tissue. This is not always true for BCAA which tend to be ignored by the liver and sent directly to tissues and muscle giving the necessary fuel for the body to rebuild itself after a workout.


For athletes this lends a multifaceted credence to why this supplement should not be ignored. During workouts the BCAA can still be used as fuel, however once you have stopped working out they change gears and help repair and rebuild muscle. Meaning they are effective to take before, during and after all workouts or events.

The more you work out, the more intense you make your day; the more BCAAs will be burned as fuel. This shows you that dosing with BCAA prior to, and during workouts can help you keep your energy levels as long as you need to and train with more intensity. Though you may not have the same feeling during a workout with a standard pre workout supplement most people often find that their workouts are far more pleasant and easier to manage. For this reason it is suggested that anyone serious about fitness use BCAAs throughout the day to help reach and maintain all of their goals.  To make it easy, we have infused the essential products that help keep bodies on point.

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