Chiseled Fat Burner

Core Chem Supplements

$ 54.00

This is a brilliant blend of thermogenesis, antioxidants, mood elevators, endocrine regulators and cell builders that when combined, attack and destroy fat from every direction. Spike your metabolism and get chiseled.

Serving Size: 2 caps Fat Burning Proprietary Blend 1050 mg N-Aceryl L-Carnitine, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA 20%), Rhodiola Rosea (3% Rosavin) White Willow Bark extract, (16% Salicin), Yohimbe Bark extract (Yohimbe 8%) Natural Energy Blend 750 mg N-Aceryl L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, Green Tea extract (Polyphenol 98%) Diuretic Blend 50 mg Uva Ursi, Milk Thistle 120 Capsules

NO chemical fillers or binders, artificial coloring, artificial flavor, preservatives, yeast, corn, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, salt, sodium, soy, sugar, gluten, starch or wheat.

120 Vegetable Capsules