Core Chem Kitchen

Real Food.  Real Health.

Our Master Chef Cody brings unmatchable recipes and new ideas to healthy lifestyles. Trained at Le Cordon Bleu he worked as a Pastry Chef at the distinguished Chocolate Factory in Arizona for 5 years before opening his own boutique. His experience and eclectic pallet have created no sugar added, corn free, additive free, processed free Masterpieces that not only taste amazing, they will help you reach the Optimum health you are striving for.

Try these delicious Core Chem exclusive creations:

 Patent Pending BCAA infused Better Butter

Patent Pending BCAA infused Boss Sauce

Patent Pending BCAA infused Brass Dark Chocolate

No sugar added, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavor or coloring, no preservatives, no fillers or binders, no soy, milk, corn, yeast, gluten starch or wheat.

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